Didasko Ministries

Bob & Marleen Ford

We serve international students at Penn State University in partnership with the International Ministries at Penn State (IMPSU).  Using a variety of methods, we seek to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with international students, disciple them to maturity, and equip the believers to return to their home country to share the gospel with others.  Marleen and I are involved in leading evangelistic Bible reading groups, discipleship groups, outreach events, and a variety of other activities that are designed to build relationships with internationals, help them with language skills, and provide opportunities for them to study the Bible.

The Penn State University Park main campus has a dynamic international student presence, with more than 4000 students from over 120 countries on campus.  It’s an incredible opportunity to reach the world for Christ, with the international leaders of tomorrow living and studying in our backyard!

Primary web site:  www.family-ford.info
Another web site:  www.impsu.org